July 30, 2013


I decided to start this blog because I keep having all these thoughts about things and stuff that I rarely see mentioned by anyone else, and I never get to expand on them thoroughly in conversations when the respective subject is brought up. Instead I just keep repeating them in my head over and over and over and over, afraid I'll forget them so the world will never learn from my brilliant insight. Eventually it got tiresome, so I figured I'll lock away these thoughts in some forgotten corner of the internet so I'll never have to think them again. Ha! Suck it, thoughts.

So yeah, this blog will be about whatever I feel like writing about at any given moment. I probably won't cover complex social issues that countless other, more educated and dedicated people have written books and essays about, or issues like atheism/religion where every possible thing that can be said about it has been covered from every possible angle and every argument has been repeated ad nauseum by every self-righteous asshole on the internet (except I do plan to write something about religion, because I'm just that amazing at thinking about stuff). I value originality and interesting...ness. Really, anything I can make a good article about goes.

I have 7-ish articles already planned (that will probably already be up when you're reading this), and after that it might be anything from a week to a decade until the next post. I'll make an update when I have something to say, simple as that. I don't consider myself to be a 'blogger' or a 'writer' because I don't write to make a living, or just to have a blog, or to maintain a readership, or for any reason other than to express some thoughts I have and consider worthy of being expressed. I'm not interested in (nor am I capable of) churning out content to "keep the blog alive", because I don't consider it to be 'alive' or an ongoing project. This blog might as well be a drawer where I put ruled paper with graphite scribbles (although that would be harder to link to on my facebook wall, which I will probably want to do at some point).

You can sign up for updates via email or RSS feed (protip: RSS feeds are the best thing ever, and only idiots don't have one) so you don't end up locked away in your basement, desperately spamming F5 all day, thirsting for more of my divine wisdom.

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