March 31, 2014

more on teh gay

Uggghhhhhh. I really don't want to write this article. I've already written an article on marriage in general, which I like to think of as everything that ever needs to be said on the subject and more. I could barely even muster enough give-a-shits to finish that article in the first place, because it just seems like it should be the mother of all non-issues. Consenting adults entering into whatever social contract they want and nobody else being able to even conceive of the idea that they have the capacity to give a fuck about it - especially the government. That's how it should be, but sadly we don't live in a world of should.

I tend to have a pretentious, dismissive, elitist attitude towards issues like this (at least internally), because where others might be all "we need to spread the peace and love and understanding and fight the ignorance", I like to see it as "beneath me" to discuss it (and this approach resonates more with me than their rallying cries ever could). It's completely uninteresting, there's nothing worthwhile to say about it, there's nothing to gain intellectually from contemplating it, and every argument is the same old rehashed crap that a fifth grader should be able to figure out, or a slight variation of the same basic appeal-to-emotion template. One side is wrong, bigoted and moronic and cannot be reasoned with because they don't value reason and logic, and the other is just throwing the same arguments over and over at them as if trying to break a solid brick wall of stupid by shouting it down. I'm not trying to put my lazy snobbiness on a pedestal, or claim that society would benefit from more people adapting this mentality, or diminish the efforts of those who step up to ignorance and try to effect change; I'm just explaining how I feel about it on a visceral level, and why it annoys me to no end that I'm actually writing this.

I guess the reason that I feel compelled to write about gay marriage again has to do with my idea of self-worth. The way I see it, if you don't at least have some basic conation to improve yourself as a thinking being, you're a worthless degenerate. I understand that not everyone has the time, ability or inclination to read philosophy, get politically literate or otherwise improve their understanding of the human condition, and I'm sure there are lots of more or less valid reasons for not reflecting on your life, your thoughts, other perspectives and so on, such as "I work 8-20 every day and have five kids so I don't have the mental energy to think about that" or "I have the finanical means to wallow in hedonism for every second of my life so fuck reality", but then you at least have to acknowledge that your opinion isn't worth much. However, if when presented with an argument or viewpoint that could change your own views and bring you closer to the truth, your default reaction is to disregard it, cling to your bigoted views and close off your mind from critical thought because it's more safe or convenient, and then keep spouting your insipid garbage loudly and proudly into the public discourse and proclaim "this is how things Should be and these are the dictates you must adhere to because this is what is Right and what is True", and even poison your children's minds with that bafflingly brainless bullshit, then how can you possibly justify your existence on this planet? If you actively resist every chance you get of intellectual development, how can you look in the mirror and claim to see someone who's a worthwhile addition to society? How can you justify all your self-limitations and intellectual cowardice to yourself? These people embody the essence of human stupidity and ignorance, and are both the root cause and enablers of every problem in our society. Bigotry, populism, dogmatic thinking, thought conformity that draws attention away from the real issues, moral panics followed by censorship and restrictions - a straight line can be drawn from all of these things right back to them. They are the fist in the face of progress, and I wish them nothing but grief. Fucking cattle.

And out of all the most shockingly stupid sentiments in the world, the stance against gay marriage is the most repugnantly retarded. How fucking mentally handicapped would you have to be in order to believe in this shit? How can these people exist that don't even understand the concepts of skepticism and critical thinking? I don't have the answer to these questions, but they keep bothering me day in and day out, and so I come here to unload all my frustrations with the stupidity of humanity on whoever comes across this blog during their wanderings on the web. An attempt at self-therapy, if you will. This article is exactly what I didn't create this blog to write about: an iteration of the same arguments you can find in a billion different places across the web, that every person who has even a passing interest in the issue should be familiar with. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

First off, the most infuriatingly idiotic arguments against gay marriage are the ones that have nothing to do with marriage. Some argue that gay relationships don't produce children and humanity needs reproduction to survive. It boggles (and saddens) my mind that these troglodytes have the brain power necessary to breathe. Last time I checked, no-one wants to create a law that forces gay people (and straight people, for that matter) to reproduce. What, do you think just because you're not allowing them to marry, they're gonna turn straight and start breeding like rabbits? No, you moron! They're going to keep being gay and having the same gay relationships, and the only difference is that it won't be called marriage. And besides, who the fuck wants there to be even more people on this already bloated planet? Soon, you'll have to eat your way to the supermarket because there will be so many people in the way that you'll have to create a tunnel. Maybe that's what they're planning. Maybe they want us to reproduce as much as possible because babies are greener than meat products from half a planet away. At least then their position would make some semblance of sense.

Continuing in the same vein, there's the argument that children need both a mom and a dad. Yes, there exist people that make this argument. Against gay marriage. Apparently, there are people who don't understand the difference between marriage and parenting, but still think they have opinions that are worth expressing. I think they should instead consider expressing their mindlessness by blowing their brains out. And the argument itself isn't even backed by scientific consensus. The most compelling article I could find in favor of it merely points out ways in which mothers' and fathers' parenting differs in heterosexual relationships, without addressing whether same-sex parents act the same way, or whether same-sex parenting yields all-in-all worse results. Meanwhile, this article (which agrees with the closest thing there seems to be to a consensus) cites research that does have an answer to that, concluding that "the gender of parents only matters in ways that don't matter". Besides that, no-one ever used the mom and dad argument against single parents. Go figure.

Next up on this painful parade of pathetic pleads to puerility is the God argument, i.e. "the almighty creator of the cosmos, who designed everything from quarks and leptons to planets, supernovas and black holes, is very concerned with a bunch of dumbass apes living on a speck of a speck of dust circling around a small (but not remarkably so) pebble within a heap of hundreds of millions of pebbles strewn across a field of billions of heaps. In particular, he's concerned with the classifications of intimate relationships between these apes. Only a certain kind of relationship may be legally recognized by the power structures these apes have created as having a certain name. That is His divine decree.". This is evidently a shitty argument, but even as an excuse for bigotry it doesn't hold up. Sure, you could argue that people with supernatural beliefs can be rational, skeptical and intelligent in areas not related to their faith, and so religious bigots can believe in stupid shit without being stupid shits. But no-one follows all the laws of their holy scripture. The bible says you can't wear mixed fabrics, and masturbation, contraception and sodomy are forbidden. Both the bible and the quran condone slavery, and the torah and bible say Sabbath-breakers should be put to death. Does anyone who's opposed to same-sex marriage argue in favor of these things? No? You just handpicked a couple of morals that don't apply to you but allow you to tell others how to live their lives? How very fucking convenient. The reason that bigots believe in their bigotry is clearly not because religious scripture mandates it; they just use that as a justification.

Another problem is that these dumbasses that use the God excuse don't even understand what they're opposing, because they don't understand that two different concepts can have a common name. Maybe that's what happened in Germany in the 30's: "we have defined the systematic extermination of everyone who are not exactly like us as 'multiculturalism', and we need multiculturalism because people must be allowed to be themselves, so we must exterminate everyone who are not exactly like us". In this case, the two concepts we must keep separate are the legal institution of marriage and the the ceremony and union tied to any specific religion. The former recognizes anyone who's wed in a christian, muslim, wiccan, pagan, hindu, taoist or secular ceremony, or no ceremony at all. It's just a legal contract between two individuals that has fuck all to do with Jehovah or Allah. If you're a christian bigot, you have your idea of what ceremony must be undertaken to be married under God, and the ceremony the hindus call marriage should be of no concern to you. It's just a ceremony, and it just so happens to fill the same function in their culture as marriage does in yours, but it still doesn't involve your god and so he can't have anything to say about it any more than he has about any non-christian religious ceremony. So if you think gays should be allowed to exist and do gay stuff, and you think hindus should be allowed to exist and do hindu stuff, then it doesn't make sense to say that hindus can't wed gay people. And if you think we should have freedom of religion and the state shouldn't discriminate in favor of the christian way of marriage, then where's the objection? At least be honest and admit that this has nothing to do with "protecting marriage" - you just want to limit gay rights in any way you can in order to make their lives miserable because you and your god hate homosexuality, not because you hate gay marriage in particular. The same goes for those who want to "protect marriage" from a cultural standpoint, because gays can already get together, have a ceremony and call their relationship a marriage, and the only difference is that the state wouldn't recognize it. This has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with your hatred for gays and your desire to fuck with them through whatever legal means you can.

I mean, that's how it would be if these fuckwits understood how to use their brains in any sort of constructive manner, but in all likelihood they probably don't have the intellectual honesty to admit even to themselves that their position doesn't make sense and that they should either go full Westboro Baptist or back down completely. Either way, the underlying (nonreligious) reasons for their anti-gay beliefs are only superficially different. The people who are against gay marriage have an idea of what marriage should be, based on what it means to them, e.g. "marriage is about children" or "marriage is between a man and a woman", and the people who just hate "them fags" in general have their idea of what society should be like and how people should behave. Either way, the issue is that they have their ideals and they're putting them on a pedestal, and they have their offended sensibilities and their indignation and they're putting that on a pedestal and saying "this is how YOU have to behave and these are the things you can and can't do, and you will all bow down to MY will because I AM THE LAW". But that's not how a society should be run. People's indignation should be flushed down the toilet, not put on a pedestal. The law should protect people's rights, not their feelings or sensibilities. If you're offended by gays displaying their sexuality in public, or nazis promoting their hateful bullshit, or that douchy guy with sunshades staring at your cleavage like he's invisible, or that scientist in the middle ages discovering things that contradict religious scripture, or that naked geriatric running around in public with tits hanging low - that's your fucking concern. Not theirs. No-one should have the right to not be offended, made fun of, criticized, or exposed to shit they don't like.

I think the most disgusting element of all these anti-gay sentiments is not the one of deranged right-wing fundies saying there's a gay conspiracy to "recruit" people into faggotry, because at least they have the excuse of being misguided and insane. The worst fucking people are the ones who aren't even that strongly homophobic but just oppose gay marriage because it "doesn't feel right" or some dumb bullshit like that. They just kinda sorta don't-ish like the idea of two grown men getting together and having a serious relationship. It gives them a faint, vague, minute, slight sense of discomfort, and gays can still "unofficially" be together so what's the big deal? Yeah, who could have conceived of the idea that a ceremonial expression of everlasting love and loyalty in front of your entire family, that we're taught from a very young age is some great fucking end goal of life, might be kind of important to some people?! They have no sense of proportionality whatsoever. They think that as long as people have the most basic, fundamental rights of existence secured, their own feeling of comfort is next on the list of concerns. I'm sorry but it's not, and you're horrible, and fuck you, and I'm not actually sorry. Your comfort is not on the list. Any list that your comfort is on is a list I wouldn't use to wipe my ass because my ass has higher standards than that.

As an addendum, I should point out that pretty much everything I've said here in favor of gay marriage applies to polygamy as well. If you've been cheering me on from the sidelines up until now yet you're still beholden to the stone-age moral of "marriage is between a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, or any other combination of two but not three or four people", then fuck you. Fuck everyone who looks like you. Fuck your entire family tree. Fuck everything you stand for. Fuck your goals, ambitions, and childhood dreams. Fuck every thought that runs through your stupid head and every particle that runs through your disgusting body. You clearly haven't come by your pro-gay stance though rational inquiry; it's just a circumstance of your environment. It was spoon-fed to you by your parents, or your friends, or some writer or artist whose ideology you assumed in an act of teenage rebellion against your surroundings. If you were born 300 years ago you'd be in the front row at every witch burning or stoning or what have you. And you get to think of yourself as "progressive" or "enlightened"? Sure. I'm sure that's true in some darkly twisted alternate dimension where the stars shine black and HÃ¥kan Juholt can form a coherent sentence. Why don't you go there and stop ruining this dimension for the rest of us?